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Personal Styling and Shopping

Signature Wardrobe and Style Makeover Package

Through a comprehensive three-step process, we implement a style and wardrobe system that will empower you to take charge of your personal style. This includes creating a closet system that will make the daily ritual of getting dressed a breeze; implementing a shopping strategy for smart, intentional purchasing; and putting together spot-on outfits that are authentic your personal style. This package includes a Closet Audit, Shopping (In-Person, Online, or Personal), Outfit Creation, and a Look Book. 

Closet Audit

This is the crucial first step in creating a wardrobe and style that serves you. We help weed out items that are dated, worn out, don’t fit, or simply don’t work for your current lifestyle. We talk about body type, silhouette and lifestyle. We also put into place the DCSF organizational closet system so you can create outfits with more ease and identify wardrobe gaps. You will receive a DC Style Factory Style Memo afterwards that will include style goals, information about color, personalized style tips, a visuals page, a budgeted and prioritized list of missing wardrobe essentials, and recommendations for next steps.

In-Person Shopping

This is the second step of  DC Style Factory Wardrobe and Style Makeover Process. Shop with a pro and experience the streamlined process to get what you truly need for your wardrobe. With a prioritized shopping list and budget from the Style Memo, we pre-shop for you, pulling the best options from retailers that suit for you. We walk you through the fitting, helping you decide what pieces are working/not working, what can be tailored, and more. We also help you edit at the end of the appointment to meet your budget requirements. Shopping has never been so fun and efficient!

Personal Shopping and Online Recommendations

The second step of  DC Style Factory Wardrobe and Style Makeover Process can also be approached online or through local boutique shopping. For Online Recommendations, we send you a worksheet of clickable links to shop on your own based on the list of missing wardrobe essentials from your Style Memo. We meet in person at your home for a fitting where we make final decisions about what will stay and what will be returned.  For Personal Shopping, order online and/or pull from local boutiques on your behalf. We bring to your home for an in-person fitting. You keep what works and we handle all returns.

Outfit Creation and Look Book

This is the third and final step of our Style and Wardrobe Makeover process. Following shopping, we meet you at your home to create complete, fully accessorized looks  for all the different areas of your life: work, weekend, and evening. We mix-and-match, and dress pieces up and down. We compile all outfits into an easy-to-reference DC Style Factory digital and printed Look Book. You will never wonder again what to wear!

Style Define (Remote Styling Service)

Style Define is a one-hour remote service that provides new clients with a starter kit of tools to create a functional wardrobe. With one of our style experts, you will define your personal style, shape, and lifestyle to create a framework for a purposeful look that is all your own. This service includes a Zoom video consult to review mood boards to define your personal style, take measurements to establish your shape, discuss your lifestyle, identify wardrobe pain points, and more. 

Remote Styling: Signature Wardrobe and Style Makeover

For our remote clients, we follow the same three-step closet-shopping-outfit creation process outlined in the DC Style Factory Signature Style and Wardrobe Makeover package, incorporating video calls in each step. We walk our clients through a remote Closet Audit that includes the DCSF Closet Audit Workbook. Shopping is completed online through a curated worksheet of clickable links based on the wardrobe gaps we have identified. Finally, we create outfit collages for your Look Book, using newly purchased items and items we kept from your Closet Audit. With this service, you will gain a new perspective on your personal style wardrobe through a system designed to make your life stylish and easy! 

Zoom Style Consult

Presenting yourself in person is not the same as presenting yourself on camera. Our Zoom Style service is designed to strategize all the elements to craft the perfect video conference call (Zoom or any other platform). We will help decide on location, backdrop, lighting, camera/computer angle/setup, and your wardrobe.

Special Event Styling

Have a black-tie, wedding, corporate gala, fundraiser, job interview, or other special event and just not sure you’ve got the right outfit? Our Event Styling package is designed to help with expert knowledge of what works in a variety of settings. We will have you looking and feeling confident, and receiving compliments.  We can assist with public speaking engagements, a television appearance, a work cocktail party, and much more.

Headshot Styling

No need to scramble and second-guess your headshots anymore! We will meet in person or remotely to help you assess your headshot needs, create a final look, and empower you with a do’s and don’ts guide to put your best foot forward on the day of the shoot.