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What is a personal stylist?

Have you ever seen What Not to Wear? That is essentially what we do except we won’t dump your clothes in a trashcan — unless you want us to! What we do is decode, decipher and de-stress your closet and personal style. We give you insight on dressing for your body type and lifestyle. And, we promise you some surprises along the way!  You can read more about our styling philosophy on our About Us page and specific services on our Services page.

Do you style men?

Yes. Male clients make up 35 percent of our clientele. We work with men of all ages who need help in both their professional and casual looks.  We will give you the lowdown on everything from how a suit should fit, what shoes to buy, what to wear on date night, and much more.

What if I can't afford your services?

We have a senior stylist rate and an associate stylist rate.  Please ask us and we can give you estimates to choose from. We also tailor the process to fit your budget. At the end of the day, working with a personal stylist is an investment that will save you  time and money.

Do you work with plus-size women?

Yes!  Because our specialty is working with body shape, we understand how to fit clothing to our plus-size clients in a way that flatters and showcases who they are.  We also have the knowledge and resources on brands, retailers, etc. for our plus-size clients.  Incidentally, we also have experience working with tall clients as well as petites.

Do you only work with DC area clients?

No. We do travel outside the DC area for clients. Please inquire about mileage costs. We also have virtual styling packages. Please read more about it here and feel free to email us at [email protected]  for more information!

Round toe or pointy toe?

Pointy. A four-inch heel with a round toe doesn’t do what you want it to do — lengthen your legs.

Pleats or no pleats?

No. Never. None.

White after Labor Day?

For sure. Especially love white jeans in winter.


You may now do nude hosiery. Kate Middleton said so.

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