April 17th, 2013

My Closet

There are some questions I get pretty much with every new client.

Like…do you have a lot of clothes? Yes. BUT … that does not mean I believe you need a lot of clothing to have a versatile, colorful and interesting wardrobe with a multitude of options. I just like clothes. A lot.

Or…do you have a big closet? No. Not even close. Thems the breaks when you live in a nearly 100-year-old tudor. People back then didn’t have, um, shoe collections.

And my personal favorite?

How do you organize your closet so you can put together outfits easily?  By type and color. So all my blouses are together, light to dark. All my blazers together, light to dark. All my skirts together, light to dark…you get the picture.

You know how I know I’m doing it the right way? Because Rachel told me so. And because once I decide what top I want to wear, I can easily hold it up and “scan” it across my jackets to see what it can go with. Easy. Peasy.

Additionally, I have my shoes on shoe racks and in clear see-through Container Store containers. The shoes I wear most often, I have out on the floor of my closet for easy access.

Dresses go on a separate rolling rack outside of my closet in the corner of our bedroom, also organized by color.

Sweaters and tees folded in dresser.

And denim? It’s so anal-geeky, I can’t believe I am sharing this, but here goes…I put them in these fabric bins on the back shelving of my oddly shaped closet. I label the bins  by denim type - skinny, flare, boyfriend/rolled, bootcut. So basically I have a wall of denim. No. Joke. But it works. I know what bin to go to based on the shoe I’ve chosen because that is where I always start — from the bottom up — depending on if I am going to be on my feet all day with clients, running around at the playground with kids or going out on a date with my very tall husband.

What all this does is it makes things easy to find and match and put together. Getting dressed  is a 5-10 minute endeavor instead of a 20-minute one.

Well, most of the time…




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