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November 4th, 2015

Sassy Slouch: How to Wear Dressy Joggers

It’s  such a fun time right now for trousers — you got your skinnies, your wide-leg  trousers… and the slouchy, dressy track pants. The trend started a few years ago and we are still seeing the silhouette this fall. This past spring, I  showcased  three fun ways to wear the  trend.

The  silhouette isn’t the easiest to work with, and I continue to get questions from clients who want to rock the slouch, but feel dumpy and frumpy when they do.

I recently met with a client  on a pre-shopping consult. She pulled out a few pieces that she had purchased on her own, but had yet to wear. One of them was  a pair of dressy joggers with a tie waist. She loved them, but every time she put them on, she felt…off. She had been pairing them with fitted tops, which made her top half disproportionately  small, particularly with the added volume below the waist per the trouser style. Because they cinched higher up, we also felt her torso appeared short compared to her leg line.

I gave her a few style guidelines to follow:

1.)  Pair with a top you can blouse instead of a fitted top. This will keep volume above and below the waist, balanced.

2.)  Tuck in your top and blouse out. This gives you a waistline. Leaving your top out will make the look sloppy.

3.)  Pair with pointy-toe shoes — preferably shoes that don’t come up high on the  foot, like a pump. The pointy-toe lengthens your leg line and keeps your look polished.  You can also opt for pointy-toe flats for a more casual weekend-day look.

4.) Layer with a v-neck cardigan, jacket, etc. This will lengthen your neckline, balancing the volume of the pant.

Wahlah! We took her slouchy pants from dowdy to dressed-to-kill - with a killer smile!




November 1st, 2015

Fall Trend: Haute Fuzz

Whether it’s touch-me faux or lushly real, fur conveys a sense of warmth, coziness and, well, something primal. After all, humans have been whipping the stuff on since caveperson times. (See one Pebbles Flinestone, who rocked what seems to be a sabertooth tiger top with her bone ponytail holder.) This fall, the woolly appeal of skin (again, mock or real is your preference) is in.

Edgy runway favorite Tibi put shearling on slingbacks, heels and slides; rabbit fur vests, bathrobe-comfy but downtown-cool, have shown up in hues both natural and otherworldly (I’ve never seen a blue bunny, have you?). And on my recent trip to Italy, I saw so many fur totes — and faux fuzzy-lined bags—that I suspect an Ice Age might hit Rome soon.

The key to wearing these rugged accessories (or wraps) without looking like you want to conquer the Yukon? Pairing tactile pieces with more refined, downtown pieces. Think shearling high heels with a slim wool sheath or a faux fur bag with your farmer’s market chunky sweater and jeans. Overall, the look is just enough wild to tame the chill to come. A few ways to cuddle up to fur:

1.Use a faux fur clutch to add spice to all-American, minimalist basics:

2. Fur shoes add a wild touch to ladylike pieces.


3. Tone down the wild vibe of a rabbit-fur best with casual sportswear.

Alexandria Stylebook


4. Use a faux fur collar to bring warm luxe to a basic coat.


5. Fake fur mittens by Kate Spade bring a whimsical vibe to cold-weather outfits.

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October 29th, 2015

Fall Trend: The Grace of Grey

There is one type of “50 Shades of Grey” reference I am still on board with — the style one.  I say, “Yes!” to  grey as one of the top trends for this fall/winter season.

Grey has become more than just a sweater, a pair of pants, or a coat in a look. From soothing dove to powerful pinstripes, grey looks and feels exclusive, sophisticated and effortless in a fall season filled with vivid patterns and bohemian influences. While some designers suggest grey as accent shades, others encourage head-to-toe looks in the neutral tone for fall, which is by far my favorite way to wear the trend this season.

I will never EVER throw in my “all-black” towel, yet a grey monochromatic look could quite possibly be as, if not, more elegant. Here are some new, fresh ways to do grey this fall season:

1.) What you can do with grey that you can’t do with black is mix different shades, adding depth to any look.  The grey suit is ubiquitous in DC, but try doing grey for a night out or for casual weekend wear.

2.) Go grey in a dramatic silhouette. Go wide with your grey pants for more drama. The grey keeps the fashion-forward look grounded and sophisticated.

 Stella McCartney Runway

3.) Add a pop of color. Pairing a fall-hued blouse underneath your sweater so just the collar and cuffs peek through is a simple and fun way to bring  grey alive. Other ways to add this pop of color? A skinny scarf, a clutch/bag, or even a bold lip color.

4.) Mix textures. Combining different grey textures in one look keeps the shade from feeling dull.

 5.) Pair with bold metallic accessories. Grey is a great backdrop to make a statement with your jewelry. Don’t be shy with accessories when wearing grey.


Did I say I would never replace my love for an all-black look? Hmmmm….

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October 19th, 2015

Booking it with Local Designers

D.C. now has a terrific local design scene, with jewelers, potters, dressmakers and knit geniuses plying their fashionable trades here. If you haven’t checked out the hashtag #acreativedc on Instagram yet, you need to — this town is awash in cool people creating edgy things. September 25, I had the fun gig of curating a pop-up shop of some of the most vibrant of these DMV talents for a benefit for the D.C. Public Library‘s Uncensored gala



Top local makers — DeNada (knitwear), Mallory Shelter (fabulous earrings and necklaces) and Hero Heads (cool T-shirts with portraits of iconic people like the Marvin Gaye and Frieda Kahlo) came out to support the public library (and to stand up against censorship). Hip cocktails, rocking bands and a stylish crowd made for a buzzy evening of shopping, dancing and creative energy.




All photos @Kate Warren/Go Kate Shoot except as mentioned.

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October 12th, 2015

Fall Trend: How to Wear the Skinny Scarf

For the past couple of fall seasons,  we got cozy with our circle scarf, shawl scarf, chunky knit scarf and more. Lo and behold,  the skinny scarf has resurfaced.  Reminiscent of the 70s with a modern twist, it adds a funky touch to your outfit and can even be subbed in for a necklace. Still not sure?  Here are my  favorite ways to mix the skinny scarf into your fall wardrobe this season.

The Wrap-Around Knot

Wrap twice. Treat the first wrap like a choker. For the second wrap, leave loose and knotted. Perfect office-friendly look.


Photo from

Photo from

Treat It Like a Tie

Get inspired by menswear and treat your skinny scarf like a tie…or better yet, an ascot.

Photo from, Tory Burch 2015

The Hangman

Add an accent to your high-neck blouse. Tie the scarf once and let the rest free-flow.

Photo from, Vanessa Seward 2015



The Choker

This is a backwards “hangman.” Wrap around twice and knot around back. Great way for dressier evening looks.

Photo from

So what do you say? Are you ready to give the skinny scarf a try?