April 2nd, 2013

Disney World Chic?

Let’s get real…there is really is no such thing.  You are running, chasing, standing, holding, grabbing, carrying, sitting, jumping, tiptoeing, spilling, and (don’t forget) laughing and hugging for 12 hours a day — straight.

If I can get by with “cute and comfy? Victory.

So last week’s spring break was spent in Disney World, Orlando, Florida with my husband and three kids — ages 8, 5 and 2. I packed with an eye toward comfort so the Nikes came out first. I didn’t buy these shoes to run, but more to have a pair of shoes that were truly comfortable. And I don’t mean four-to-six-hours-grocery-store-school-taekwondo-swimming-lessons comfortable, but hardcore eight-to-14-hours-a-day-amusement-park-please-don’t-turn-my-feet-into-hobbling-stumps survival. For these life events, you need to bring out the big guns, and I love that those “big guns” come cute now as opposed to marshmallow-like athletic sneakers.

I then proceeded to build outfits for four whole days of Disney magic — around the shoes (those who follow me on Facebook know this is how I always get dressed). I knew there was going to be a “cold front” (temps in the 60s) in Orlando at the beginning of the week so  easy layering was going to be key. This is what ended up going in my bag (plus a few extras):


The third look, I planned to layer with either the utility vest or the floral l/s buttonup, depending on the temp and my mood. The floral buttonup also could be further layered with the utility vest.

The key in creating these looks was keeping it in the same color family (in this case, the blues set the acid yellow of the sneakers off really well).  No overthinking or overcomplicating each look, but I still wanted to feel like each outfit was a look. Not just a random collection of tops and bottoms. I also always like to think in “threes” when it comes to outfits — not just a top and bottom, but another additional piece (can be belt, jewelry, cardigan, vest, etc.) to tie it all together.

And off we went. In the end, it was an exhausting and glorious trip. I walked away with a boatload of pictures, memories, laughs and my feet — intact.

 Happy Spring Break!

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