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Rosana’s Client Testimonials

“Everyone should invest in shopping his/her closet with Rosana. DC Style Factory just saved me thousands of dollars in new shopping by giving me new ways to wear what I have. I look and feel amazing!”

Kathryn, Consultant, 34

Washington, DC

“I have an annual business trip with my husband's company, and I never feel my look is right for the various events during the trip. A good friend urged me to contact Rosana. I am so glad I did. I absolutely love all the new clothing I purchased during a shopping trip with her!   It is amazing how a well put together outfit changes your outlook.  Instead of worrying about how poorly dressed I was during our trip, I was able to focus on more important issues. The trip was a lot of fun and the outfits were perfect.  I am grateful for Rosana's expert wardrobe help and guidance.”

Dannielle, Stay-at-Home-Mom, 45

Vienna, V

“Working with Rosana was like therapy.  I had fallen into a style rut after two kids and working a crazy career schedule.  My wardrobe and accessories had just been neglected.  Rosana and her team were able to somehow make donating five trash bags of clothes (there was maybe 20 percent of my closet left) seem fun and not terrifying!  I needed help letting go, and it has forever changed me.  We shopped, and Rosana picked out things I would have picked out for myself, but also pushed me - in a direction I was totally comfortable with. I just didn't know how to put the looks together and lacked the confidence and time to learn to do it. I was not looking to be this super stylish and trendy person -- it's just not me. I realized you can be stylish without being trendy.  And Rosana can do that.  She does it without making you feel like you spent the last five years looking frumpy! ”

Katie, Commercial Real Estate Executive, 36

Bethesda, MD

“Shopping with Rosana was extremely efficient and so helpful. I really appreciated having an expert opinion about what fit well and looked good. It removed so much indecision and angst.  I didn't really anticipate how her help could really transform how I think about what I can wear.  She really understood my style and preferences, but was also able to push the boundaries and get me to try new things.”

Aaron, Architect, 43

Takoma Park, Md.

“I was a desperate Washingtonian real-size woman. I remember being thin, having great style. I then got happy, gained weight and became way too busy to care. But not really the latter. I DO care. But I had no idea how to dress for my current shape, and was confused about how to dress for my age, but not bore myself to death. How do I banish my confusion and boredom in only flats or low wedges? I gave Rosana a call. Right away I liked her. But I still had very low expectations when we went shopping together. I have shopped for myself before, and walked away feeling hopeless and discouraged. Our shopping trip was a monumental success, to say the least. Rosana was efficient and fun. She found me pieces that made me feel put together, but very much like ME. After just one consult and one shopping trip, I am a Rosanavangelist. I would recommend her to anyone who has thought, 'There is nothing out there for me in terms of clothing and personal style.' She will prove you wrong.”

Julia, Media Strategist, 46

Alexandria, VA

“I've been totally living off the clothes I found this fall with Rosana. So many compliments on a regular basis, and I haven't felt so put together in years. The best part is that I just don't feel stressed because I have some great combinations that I rely on and they make me feel great. ”

Laura, Stay-At-Home-Mom, 40

Silver Spring, MD

“I always thought I was a master of styling my own looks...until I started working with Rosana. She showed me how to work with colors and silhouettes that were age-appropriate, but still let my personality come through. I always look forward to our styling sessions each season. ”

Donna, Consultant/ Business Owner, 51

Alexandria, VA

“Rosana is a great balance of professionalism and fun. She was great about listening to all of the roles I play from day to day, and figuring out what I needed from my clothes in each of those roles. She was very thorough in my closet screening, and managed to weed out the worst offenders without ever making me feel like a fool for having them in the first place! She also had great tips along the way – both general guidelines that would apply to anyone and specifics that would work best for me based on my frame, coloring, lifestyle, etc. She also kept the whole process moving efficiently, and I enjoyed myself the whole time.”

Sarah, Winery Owner, 31

Bethesda, MD

“It is very freeing to put your trust in someone who knows what she is doing. This is someone in your corner, someone who is an expert on men's fashion and an expert on you, putting it all together to get you looking as good as it gets.”

Gabe, Attorney, 44

Silver Spring, MD

“Desperate to find someone who spoke the language of fashion and style I found a wonderful interpreter in Rosana. She is charming, down-to-earth and a true professional. She used what I already own to pull together multiple casual/day/evening outfits while giving me styling tips to help me feel more confident. Outfits I never dreamed I could wear and love, she envisions! I also highly recommend her fashion expertise when considering dressing for a formal affair. I had several black-tie events to attend and she made the preparation a breeze. She listened and worked with my preferences. She is efficient with my/her time but made our sessions fun! She is honest when something doesn’t work and presses on until she finds something suitable. Recently she assisted me in purging my closet. She organized it with precision and now makes going there a pleasant experience. Take the plunge and give her a call. I did and I am truly delighted with the results!”

Cindy, Entrepreneur/Business Owner, 61

Washington, DC

“Every woman wants to look her best – I am no exception. Shopping has always been a lot of fun for me, but most of the time I would spend the money, get a lot of stuff and somehow end up with very limited options. I was always wondering how some women just look so pulled together and then I met Rosana. She introduced me to real-life fashion, showing me how to put outfits together, and making recommendations for my body type and for my profession. Looking my best is an amazing feeling – I’m confident, I’m happy, I’m smiling. Rosana can help anyone get there. She is an amazing gem that I plan to hold on to for many, many years to come.”

Renata, Real Estate Agent, 35

Arlington, VA

“I would highly recommend Rosana and her team for any wedding party. She knew the best places to take me shopping for a dress since our time frame was so tight (three months!). She also was very sensitive to my concerns about wearing an 'age appropriate' dress since I was not a first-time bride. I loved the choices she showed me during our shopping trip. She helped me with every aspect of the wedding look including jewelry, shoes, hair, purse, and more. She even communicated with the hair and makeup stylist on coordinating those looks with the style of my dress. She planned and shopped for looks for my husband and our three children, staying in line with the overall style, color and feel I wanted to achieve with the wedding. We received so many compliments on the outfits for all of us and have beautiful pictures to remember the day! 

Planning a wedding is very stressful but Rosana was the most reliable professional we worked with during the whole wedding planning process. She was extremely responsive to every nervous and panicked phone call, text and email which helped to calm me. The experience with Rosana and her team was so great, I would highly recommend her services for any wedding party.”

Lisa, Stay-at-Home-Mom, 39

Vienna, VA

“My first experience with a wardrobe stylist was with Rosana and I have been a repeat customer of hers ever since. I don't like to shop for clothing and so I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun it is to shop with her. There is big value in having an expert like her advising on style and fit. Rosana's help in styling looks from my existing wardrobe are also invaluable for packing outfits for business travel.”

Jay, Researcher/Inventor, 55

Alexandria, VA

“When I was shopping for a wedding dress, I knew I wanted Rosana – and only Rosana – to go with me. She was so clear in what I had in mind for a dress that when we were at the bridal stores, she could speak for me. Even better, she picked out dresses for me to try on – some of my favorites were dresses I never would have picked for myself. She simplified the process, maximized my time, and eased my mind during what could have been a very stressful experience. We found my dress after only two bridal store appointments, and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend her to any bride-to-be.”

Elizabeth, Yoga Instructor, 32

Washington, DC

“When a dear friend and one of the most fabulously dressed women in Washington posted on her Facebook page that she hired Rosana, something clicked. I couldn't believe that my fashionista friend used a stylist! That's all the encouragement I needed. I am so glad I mustered up the courage to call Rosana! She helped me figure out what to wear, how to wear it, and how to make it work with my hectic lifestyle. She is charming, kind, and stays within budget. I get compliments almost daily on my wardrobe and it feels great to look great. Hire her! You will thank me later. Rosana's worth every penny.”

Heather, Nonprofit Executive Director, 41

Washington, DC

“I recently completed a 14-month project in India which required seven days of work a week and long hours on each day. I gained over 70 pounds during that time. I had no clothes that fit and wore an old skirt and t-shirt each day. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty down. Since I was due for a break in the US before shifting to a new job in Dubai, I searched for style consultants and found Rosana at DC Style Factory. Her team immediately contacted me and we were able to set dates and expectations even with my busy schedule in India. We met at the store and when I arrived, everything was ready and we were able to do so much in a short time! She helped me construct more than two weeks of outfits for work and play and had a good eye for finding clothes that looked nice on my plus-size figure, and were stylish and current. I started my job in Dubai two months ago and the lookbook Rosana created of professional and casual looks has been a huge help to keep me looking sharp at work and after hours. That is something that I had really forgotten how to do and, as a result, it has actually helped me to start whittling away those extra pounds. Working with Rosana exceeded all expectations.”

Audrey, Project Manager, 32

Vienna, VA

“When I was promoted to a senior managerial role (which is involved extended travel), I was thrown into the deep end of the pool, way outside my comfort zone. I learned to swim -- smoothly. And you know what helped? My new wardrobe that I purchased with Rosana. It made me feel confident. Rosana told me that I would feel good, but it's better than that: I needed to project authority,and her wardrobe choices helped me do that.”

Jamie, General Counsel, 38

Alexandria, VA

“Rosana is a 5+ star stylist. She was an absolute delight to shop with. I learned exactly what to wear and why. I even enjoyed trying on clothes for the first time. Rosana listened to all my fashion and body issues. She was respectful of my budget. She was full of fun and laughter. I plan to hire her for my whole family. Rosana is a gem. Hire her now and you can thank me later!!!”

Amanda, Stay-at-Home-Mom, 38

Washington, DC

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