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Jenn’s Client Testimonials

“I have the right thing to wear at work for the first time. It's been great having the right wardrobe. Thanks so much for helping me buy great stuff that I actually wear.”

Mark, , 37

Washington DC

Jenn was unflinchingly honest about what was working for me and what was past its prime. I felt like I could ask her questions I was too embarrassed to ask anyone else. The day I think of as our 'shopping montage' was not only painless (high praise from most guys) but even fun. And I love going out in the new clothes the recommended, with the confidence that I know I belong in those clothes.

Adam, Consultant, 45

Washington DC

“Jenn and her team were fantastic to work with!  She went through everything in my closet, pulled out the stuff that wasn't working or was super outdated and helped me get organized.  Now everything in my closet is something I actually wear and she even gave me ideas for new combinations I wouldn't have thought of on my own, plus a list of things I need to "fill in the gaps." It's so much easier to get dressed now and I save tons of time in the morning.  I can't wait to work with Jenn again!  ”

Heather, Real Estate Agent, 38

Washington DC

“Looking in my closet alway made me anxious. I’d see things that I’d never worn with the tags still on them, things that didn’t really flatter my figure, things that were from the '90s that just weren’t coming back. But for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any of it. Jenn eased me into decluttering my closet. Now I look in there and see only things that I like, that fit, that make me feel good.”

Phillipa, Writer, 40-something

Washington, DC

“I've managed to maintain the organization that DC Style Factory did for me and it's cut my dressing time in half! Love it!”

Jennifer , PR Executive, 41

Washington, DC

“Working with Jenn has been life changing! My closet has never been so organized. An organized closet and the outfit ideas Jenn provided has made getting ready in the morning easy and fun. I highly recommend working with her.”

Laura, Attorney, 39


“I began working with Jenn with the goal of looking professionally presentable. Having Jenn right there in my closet with me made a world of difference. The closet audit eliminated a massive amount of clothing that wasn't working for me, but the best thing about it was the unearthing encouragement to wear my few great pieces. I also spent two hours shopping with Jenn. Following her brilliant prep, I entered dressing rooms filled with beautiful clothes. I thought this process would be all about efficiency, which it certainly has in spades, but the experience has also led me to try new looks. For the first time, I am actually having fun with clothes and creating my personal style. She is teaching me to fish! I am actually saving money by not buying bad items. And, I'm definitely saving time and agony. I cannot recommend Jenn highly enough. If nothing else, do the closet audit!”

Nicole, University Professer, 41

“Jenn is smart, fun, and knows her stuff. She's helped me put together a work wardrobe that is "my own" but that goes outside my inclination for too-boring and too-big styles. I would recommend her to any of my friends.”

Carolyn, Attorney, 47

Arlington, VA

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