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Kids & Teens

As the mother of a 4-year-old and 2-year-old, kid’s fashion and clothing is simply and unequivocally… pure fun. Children’s clothing these days can range from luxury (Burberry and Marie Chantal) to quirky and playful (Oink Baby and Tea Children’s Clothing) to affordable and cute (Old Navy and The Gap).

Whatever your cup of tea when it comes to kids’ clothing and style, we’ll make your dollar work for you (they grow fast, you know). Rosana will not only shop smart for your little one, but will also show ways to mix-and-match, and how to use clothes you think they’ve outgrown.

As for teens, in today’s world of Hannah Montana, NYC Prep, and Gossip Girl, it’s nearly impossible for young people not to be aware of fashion trends in pop culture. With your tween and teen clamoring for the latest and greatest in designer clothing, what’s a parent to do?

Let DC Style Factory have a crack at it. Rosana will show your teen how to access the styles they see in popular culture in a way that is flattering, tasteful and age-appropriate. Not only will your kid walk away appreciating individual style and personality, you will rest easy knowing he or she is getting the basics on how to make the right impression through clothing.

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