September 3rd, 2012

Wish I May, Wish I Might

Yup it’s here. Fall. And with it comes trend list after trend list after trend list. Recently, though, I read a New York Times article about the death of seasonal fashion trends. That people wear what they want to wear and make their own what is current. You can see it in the plethora of style bloggers setting their own standards with what is and is not fashionable. It makes choosing difficult because the options seem endless. At the same time, though, it is exciting to have so many ways to be fashionable in your own, unique, individual way.

So I’ll get off my trend soapbox now and get to the business at hand. Here are my picks for Fall 2012:

1.  Crossbody saddle bag. I love the crossbody look. It feels cool and unfussy and a little tomboyish. Easy to wear casually, but I would 100 percent put it with a work look. A crossbody purse can make a classic work ensembles more youthful (i.e., like a grey suit, a pencil skirt and cardigan, a shift dress and blazer). My pick is Dooney & Bourke’s Crossbody Saddle Bag in black or natural, but the Boden Richmond bag in the whisky and animal print is also in the running.

2. A sweater blazer in a punchy color. We all got the grey go-with-everything wool blazer in our closets, right? Right? So, this season, I want color. I

Smythe Jade Cardigan Jacket

want major color in a style that is more chic and playful. I am obsessed with Smythe’s cardigan jacket in jade. Not yet available for sale, I’m waiting.  Like a hunter. In the bushes. Waiting…

3. Animal print cardigan. A girl can never have too many shoes…or cardigans. This season, I want to do the animal-print thing in a cardigan. This Lucky Brand one is on my list and planning to pair it with everything from a black shift and boots (classic) to nautical stripe tees, skinny jeans and my natural-color faded motorcycle boots. Rrrow.

5. Sweat pants. You heard me. I may love fashion, but i also spend countless hours chasing small creatures that make tons of noise, create explosive messes and like to give me chocolate-y kisses. I’ve been known to wear parts of what I wore to bed as a real outfit. I also sport elastic waistbands. And I wear sensible shoes. The trick is, I usually don’t wear them all together. If one thing I am wearing has an oversize, shlumpy feel to it, I pair it with something more tailored. I carry a great bag. I put on cat-eye sunglasses. There’s got to be something. Back to the sweatpants… They won’t be baggy. And they’ll likely be cropped. I’ll wear them with ankle boots and a cardigan. Or my Chuck Taylors and a crewneck sweater. Check out the Clu collaboration with the Gap. I have already ordered my sweats over here.

6. Leather-trim top. I love the leather thing that’s happening. Leather dress, skirt, leggings though? “Sausage casing” comes to mind. Plus, my toddler will puke all over them the minute I put them on. And he’ll find a way to do it even if I wear it on a date night where he is nowhere in sight. So, I am thinking leather trim. I am eyeing this  Classiques top at Nordstrom’s and also contemplating going all the way with this vegan leather peplum top by Tinley Road.  Great with pencil skirts, jeans, skinny trousers, etc. On a side note: Adding a leather choker necklace. I love layering necklaces and the leather choker will add a dash or rocker edge to mix. The best part? It’ll cost me 10 bucks.

Equipment Sloan Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

6. A citron crewneck sweater. Ok, so it’s yellow. And yellow makes some people…nervous.  The idea is I didn’t want to buy another grey sweater. I wanted not only a color, but for me, a somewhat unexpected color. So, if yellow isn’t your bag, try melon or a royal blue. The idea is I wanted some brightness to layer with my greys, denims, etc. and even colorblock with other bright hues.  Pictured is Equipment‘s cashmere. J.Crew has a great option as well for half the price.

4. Jacquard trousers. A girl can’t have enough jeans. Well, ok, maybe she can. And when I say “she,” I might mean “me.” I’ve done the boyfriend, the skinny, the wideleg, the floral, the color, the distressed, the coated. So, this season, I’m going to do pants. Fancy pants. I’m talking jacquard. Yes it’s got some shine. Yes, it feels dressier. Yes, it might look like a curtain. But I’m feeling the juxtaposition of a fussy fabric used in a cropped, modern skinny pant. It feels grown up and youthful at the same time. You could also tone down the shine aspect with a pullover sweater, chambray buttondown and ankle boots for day and really work it with heels and sparkly top for evening. Another option I like is this Express tweed pair  on sale {hurry!}.

J. Crew Cafe Capri in Jade Jacquard

7. Ankle boots in a neutral clay. These Matisse ones are at the top of the list. Perfect with skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, tights and dresses, and cropped trousers. Perfect weekend shoes.

8. Oversize menswear-inspired watch. Kinda over {at least for now} the big, bold statement necklace thing. Not that I don’t still wear and love the ones I have, but think I’ll hold off on adding any more right now and focus on some arm candy. I’ve had my silver oversize watch for a couple of years now and it is the perfect accessory — stack it with a bunch of bracelets for a bolder statement; by itself — classic. This season, I am looking for a rose gold one.

9. Dark denim buttondown shirt.  I have several chambray shirts already. But for fall, I want a darker, heavier denim one {chambray is lighter weight}. This Madewell one fits the bill perfectly. I’ll be wearing it buttoned up, tucked in with a big ol’ sparkly necklace, open like a jacket layered with a graphic tee, my new fleece pants and ankle boots.

10: Animal print smoking slipper-style/tuxedo flats. Yes, another item with a cheetah print. I won’t apologize. First choice is this Donald J. Pliner option {love that red piping} but thinking budget-wise either the Target pair or Nine West one is it. Won’t be worn with the cardigan, but will be worn with just about everything else. 

11. Polka dotted pumps. I am jonesing for these Kate Spade pumps.  They’re pricey and will be reserved for date nights, mainly. Maybe some client stuff, but usually I wear more comfortable shoes because I’m on my feet doing closets. Still…sometimes you just buy stuff not because it makes complete sense, but because it just makes you darned happy. The End.

Licorice Polka Dot Pump at Saks Fifth Avenue

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