May 29th, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesday: White Pants for Curvy Ladies

I recently had a client who is curvier on the bottom and narrower up top (yes, a pear, but I can’t stand that term) ask me if she could wear white pants. She got a faraway look in her eyes as she waxed poetic about how she “just loved the idea of white pants and jeans” in the spring and summer, but never could get the nerve… What to wear it with? How? Would it draw too much attention to her hips and thighs?

“Can I? Should I?” she implored.

“Yes!” I proclaimed. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to work it.

So here’s  what we came up with:

- Go for a mid-rise (8- to 9-inch rise) trouser or bootcut pant/denim. That lengthenend her leg line and gave ample coverage for curvier hips. Loved the Ann Taylor option, a modern bootcut denim,  or this Not Your Daughter’s Jeans pair. 

- Don’t wear a dark color on top. With narrower shoulders, etc.,  the dark would further minimize what she had going on above the waist. Then the light bottom would surely draw too much attention. The key is…balance.

- Do wear horizontal stripes. We selected tops to go with the white jeans/pants that drew attention back up.  I recommended horizontal stripes (we liked navy) that actually broadened her top half. You can also do a fun floral print in a bright color.

- Do pair with a blazer jacket that defines your shoulder. We layered her top with a jacket in a fun, bright color (melon). A great example is what local blogger Alison Gary does with her white pants (even though she is not the curvier-below-the-waist body type, you get the idea).

- Pick some bold jewelry for your neckline.  Once it gets hot for that blazer, we decided on some big, bright jewelry as another way to draw attention up. Loved this J. Crew neon bib bubble necklace in citrus lime to go with stripe tee.

- If you can, do a heel (but make sure your pants are hemmed to go with heels; nothing worse than a floating hem to ruin that leg line). Ladies who are curvier below the waist are usually (but not always) longer in the torso. That means, any height you can give yourself will make your legs appear longer. Opt for a nude or neutral animal print wedge or heel (remember a pointy heel will lengthen and slim leg line).

And walah! With that, I received this email yesterday from said client:

I have been wearing my white pants nonstop. I can’t believe I am wearing something I have always wanted to wear, but was too afraid to try! Thank you!

You are very welcome. Now don’t forget to scotch guard those bad boys.

2 Responses to “Tips and Tricks Tuesday: White Pants for Curvy Ladies”

  1. To your point about floating hems (a big pet peeve of mine as well) what is a good rule to follow for a maxi dress? I’ve seen them on models both skimming the ground (the way a perfect pant would) and ankle length, so as to reveal cute sandals. Is there a right way?

  2. definitely as close to the ground as you can get without tripping over the hem, particularly if you are petite. but i would say even if you are tall, having the dress stop at your ankle is…awkward. sort of like you bought the wrong size. if you want to show off cute sandals, opt for a shorter sundress — a midi, below the knee or mini.

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