July 28th, 2014

Inside DC Style Factory: Shopping Your Closet

Our  Shop Your Closet service is one of my personal favorites. It really gets my creative juices flowing. Plus, the excitement a client feels when she sees her “same old clothes” reinvented? Priceless.

When I do a Shop Your Closet session with a client, I am not going to find everything I need to make an outfit I have pictured in my head for that person. But you improvise. You make it work.  There is always something in your closet that can be transformed or reinvented.

Recently, I met with a client who had  no layering pieces OR jewelry OR really any accessories for that matter. As a nurse, her workwear was scrubs. She wanted to have outfits for semi- dressy happy hours hosted by her husband’s law firm. But all she had was a closet full of tops, bottoms and dresses.  She would be fine wearing a dress and shoes, but we wanted something just a bit more. 

If you have worked with me, you have heard my “think of three” mantra where you look at your outfit as more than just a top and a bottom, but one more piece to pull it  all together. That could be a great necklace, earrings, a blazer, a cardigan, a scarf…anything that makes what you are putting on a look.

Well,  what do you do when you have absolutely no “threes?”

This is what we did:

We took one of her light, drapey, cream buttondown tops that she always wore as a blouse…and made it a jacket (if you have worked with me you also know I love my white jackets). It transformed 75 percent of  her looks.


We made it work! And she worked it. Needless to say, I am still sending her out shopping for a new white blazer.

This post is part of the Inside DC Style Factory series, which highlights how we work and some of most popular services.

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