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October 12th, 2015

Fall Trend: How to Wear the Skinny Scarf

For the past couple of fall seasons,  we got cozy with our circle scarf, shawl scarf, chunky knit scarf and more. Lo and behold,  the skinny scarf has resurfaced.  Reminiscent of the 70s with a modern twist, it adds a funky touch to your outfit and can even be subbed in for a necklace. Still not sure?  Here are my  favorite ways to mix the skinny scarf into your fall wardrobe this season.

The Wrap-Around Knot

Wrap twice. Treat the first wrap like a choker. For the second wrap, leave loose and knotted. Perfect office-friendly look.


Photo from

Photo from

Treat It Like a Tie

Get inspired by menswear and treat your skinny scarf like a tie…or better yet, an ascot.

Photo from, Tory Burch 2015

The Hangman

Add an accent to your high-neck blouse. Tie the scarf once and let the rest free-flow.

Photo from, Vanessa Seward 2015



The Choker

This is a backwards “hangman.” Wrap around twice and knot around back. Great way for dressier evening looks.

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So what do you say? Are you ready to give the skinny scarf a try?

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