June 26th, 2014

Can’t Stop Wearing: My Crop Top

The crop top is a polarizing piece of clothing this season. You have the naval-flaunting camp and the anti-90s camp (usually because they already did crop tops when it was actually the 1990).  I thought I was in the latter group…until I wasn’t. I always tell clients that when it comes to fashion, what goes around comes around…but never EXACTLY the same way. There are ways to do the crop top this season that actually feels fresh, new and very different than it did in 1991. Plus, if you don’t want to show your midsection…you don’t have to.

Crop Over Dress

How to wear to the office: Switch out the strapless dress to a sleeveless shift and layer with the crop top. Best to select one that is a little longer — none that venture into bralette (or is it bralet?) territory.


Crop Top With High-Waist Bottoms

How to wear to the office: Best to select a crop top that is a little longer — also known as a shift blouse and pair with a higher-waist slim-fit trouser.


Crop Layered Over Longer Top


How to wear to the office: Wear with a longer (almost tunic-length) collared shirt. Pair with slim pants and brogues for Friday-casual tomboy chic or go dressier with pointy-toe pumps.

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