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Rosana Vollmerhausen

Founder, Chief Personal Stylist

She, Her, Hers
Style Philosophy
Before jumping into the novelty or “frosting” of your wardrobe, bake the “cake.” Invest in a foundation of personalized essentials that fit well. 

Rosana Vollmerhausen is founder and chief stylist of DC Style Factory - Washingtonian Magazine’s top personal styling company in the DC area.

She has 15 years’ fashion retail and styling experience, including owning, running and buying for an award-winning boutique in Washington, D.C.  She was subsequently handpicked to be part of Stacy London’s team of Style for Hire wardrobe consultants. Since launching DC Style Factory 10 years ago, she has developed and honed an organized system of closet, shopping, and styling appointments designed to save her clients time and money. DC Style Factory works with hundreds of individuals each year around the country both in-person and remotely.

Rosana also conducts style talks and workshops in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. She has produced personal stylist training seminars, teaching and advising future stylists. Her style tips, and expertise have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Washingtonian, Bethesda Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, The Boston Globe and more. She has provided expert style insight on BBC World News,  NPR, WJLA News Channel 7, and NBC News Channel 4.

Rosana is a firm believer that you don’t have to sacrifice personal style because life is busy. If key wardrobe pieces make sense for who and where you are, an authentic style is accessible to anyone.

Rosana is a genius - there is no question. Even though I consider myself a fairly put-together person with reasonable taste, she elevates my style 100 percent. In a myriad of ways both large and small, she makes everything better - from fit to proportion to things far more intangible, like coolness and effortlessness. She is warm and engaging, a joyful soul who is so fun to work with you will want her to move in and dress you every day.

From the first time I met with Rosana, she understood exactly what I wanted and what I needed out of my clothes. I trusted her implicitly to guide me to the right clothing without losing my style and my individuality (and trust me, as a lawyer, style and individuality are not easy to come by in work clothes!). I learned that shopping for clothes can actually make you feel confident and beautiful, unlike before when shopping just seemed to highlight what I believed to be flaws. I enjoy clothing and style now more than ever. My style has not only evolved with Rosana, but I truly believe it has become more “me” because I feel more confident in the choices I am making based on what I am learning from Rosana. I have never felt more beautiful, more confident. I have never received so many compliments. And I owe it all to her!

Everyone should invest in shopping his/her closet with Rosana. DC Style Factory just saved me thousands of dollars in new shopping by giving me new ways to wear what I have. I look and feel amazing!

Shopping with Rosana was extremely efficient and so helpful. I really appreciated having an expert opinion about what fit well and looked good. It removed so much indecision and angst.  I didn’t really anticipate how her help could really transform how I think about what I can wear.  She really understood my style and preferences, but was also able to push the boundaries and get me to try new things.

Planning a wedding is very stressful but Rosana was the most reliable professional we worked with during the whole wedding planning process. She was extremely responsive to every nervous and panicked phone call, text and email which helped to calm me. She knew the best places to take me shopping for a dress since our time frame was so tight (three months!). She also was very sensitive to my concerns about wearing an ‘age appropriate’ dress since I was not a first-time bride. I loved the choices she showed me during our shopping trip. She helped me with every aspect of the wedding look including jewelry, shoes, hair, purse, and more. She even communicated with the hair and makeup stylist on coordinating those looks with the style of my dress. She planned and shopped for looks for my husband and our three children, staying in line with the overall style, color and feel I wanted to achieve with the wedding. We received so many compliments on the outfits for all of us and have beautiful pictures to remember the day!  The experience with Rosana and her team was so great, I would highly recommend her services for any wedding party.

I recently completed a 14-month project in India which required seven days of work a week and long hours on each day. I gained over 70 pounds during that time. I had no clothes that fit and wore an old skirt and t-shirt each day. I was feeling pretty down. Since I was due for a break in the US before shifting to a new job in Dubai, I searched for style consultants and found Rosana at DC Style Factory. Her team was able to set dates and expectations even with my busy schedule in India. When I arrived to shop, everything was ready and we were able to do so much in a short time! She helped me construct more than two weeks of outfits for work and play and had a good eye for finding clothes that looked nice on my plus-size figure, and were stylish and current.  When I started my new job in Dubai, the lookbook Rosana created of professional and casual looks has been a huge help to keep me looking sharp at work and after hours. That is something that I had really forgotten how to do and, as a result, it has actually helped me to start whittling away those extra pounds. Working with Rosana exceeded all expectations.