March 31st, 2015

Sliding into Spring: N’jeri’s Favorite Trend this Season

The “ugly shoe” trend started last spring and comes roaring back to life this spring with the abundance of slides littering retail floors all across the fashion universe. DC Style Factory Style Associate, N’jeri Agyeman couldn’t be more excited to get her toes into some sporty slides.

“I just love the whole sporty-chic trend and this fits in perfectly. I can’t wait to do it  with slouchy pants when the weather warms!”

So, how do you do purposefully cool normcore  without looking accidentally unflattering frumpcore?

- Don’t do it like you’re headed to the gym. In other words, do it with clothing you’d wear out to shop, eat, etc.  Try pairing your Adidas slides with a cuffed straighleg jean, sleek black tank and some serious attitude.

- Pair your Adidas-style slides with a cute casual jersey spring dress or skirt. It feels unexpected and stylish.

- Be inspired by Audrey. Wear with black cigarette pants. Keep the rest of your look tailored - and even a little lux. It will make your your Birkenstocks feel purposeful and chic (yes, chic!)

- Try Birks in a metallic. No one did metallic Birks back in the ’90s so this feels like an update on how it was done before.

- Go monochromatic. Too much print and noise in the rest of your look will just make your buck-ly clunky Birks look like a whole lotta orthopedic mess.

- And finally…an essential: finish your slides look with an I-just-don’t-give-a- sh%$ pout.

Done and done. You will certainly have happy, thankful feet this spring and summer.



 Credits: Slides by Adidas// Chloe slides  similar Calvin Klein//Birkenstocks at Nordstrom

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