August 11th, 2014

Inside DC Style Factory: What is a Closet Audit?


“Recently Rosana assisted me in purging and auditing  my closet.  She organized it with precision and now makes going there a pleasant experience,” 

- Cindy, 61

I may have worked with Stacy London in the past, but our DC Style Factory Closet Audit service is not exactly the same as what you may have  see on What Not to Wear.  There is no garbage can. There are no snarky comments. What you are likely to hear  from me is that I think we could do better if I do in fact, think we can do better.

When we start working with a new client, 9 times out of 10 we start with his/her closet. A  DC Style Factory Closet Audit is a way to go through all your existing clothing with the guidance and know-how of a professional who can impartially assess what is and is not working for you.

The criteria we use to determine what stays and goes are:

- Your body type/silhouette

- Your lifestyle

- Your personal style

And sometimes something is just getting old/worn and needs replacing.

We make recommendations on pant length, skirt length, sleeve length, what to highlight and more. We will pin clothing for any tailoring and will recommend our favorite tailors in the area. We also will organize your closet in a way that will help you create outfits each day with more ease.

Once the closet audit is complete, we will bag any clothing to be donated and we take it away to A Wider Circle in Silver Spring, Md. Everything left in your closet are truly items that work for you.

Following your closet audit, you will receive a Style Memo from us that summarizes any key style points discussed during the appointment, a shopping list of missing wardrobe essentials (budgeted and prioritized), and next steps to reach your wardrobe/style goals.

Clients who have had a DC Style Factory Closet Audit have described the experience as “liberating,” “educational,” and “way more fun than cleaning out your closet should be.” I guarantee you will laugh during our session and  surprise yourself with what you thought you could and could not wear.

This blog post is part of the “Inside DC Style Factory” series that gives readers a peek into some of more popular personal styling services.




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