October 20th, 2014

Fall Weekend: Spinosaurus, Global Food and My New Scarf

This past weekend, I truly felt it for the first time: Fall. Like many families, we had a weekend chock full of kids’ sporting events. I’ll be honest, we do love being an active, busy family, but I am looking forward to a winter of very little activity where we hibernate and subsist on warm baked goods.

But back to this weekend. We did make it out to one of our favorite places in the city — the National Geographic Museum. Every time there is a new exhibit  we head down to 17th to check it out. We’ve seen them all — Planet Weather Patterns, Pirates, Peruvian Gold, Pompeii…the list goes on. The last few times, we have gone in the afternoon and then done a family dinner out at Ted’s Bulletin on the way home (breakfast for dinner, anyone?)

We don’t do the hectic Smithsonian museums very often. Nat Geo  and the National Building Museum are our go-tos. We always learn something new (all of us)  and it just feels…leisurely, which is what we all look for during the course of a weekend.

Currently, the museum has a Spinosaurus exhibit open until April. We’re talking the biggest and baddest meat-eating dinosaur to have walked the earth. When we told the kids this guy was even more ferocious than a T-Rex? Hello! Sold.

So we trucked down there in the late afternoon and were not disappointed. What was surprising is that it was not the Spinosaurus in all its spined-and-slanted-sharp-teeth glory that grabbed and held our attention. It was the Food: Our Global Kitchen.

I mean this exhibit had it all: heart (check out the video about how meals tie us to our cultures); a conscience (an actual display of how much food a family of four in the U.S. wastes each year); and the wow factor (an interactive cooking/recipe electronic table).

We all left hungry and excited to try out new recipes. And, I am definitely shopping the Farmer’s Market this weekend


What I wore: De Nada Design Infinity Ladder scarf, Gap skinny jeans, Rebecca Minkoff Hudston Moto cobalt crossbody, J.Crew cashmere poncho.



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