July 5th, 2015

El Paso Teachers Get DC Style Factory Makeover

Last month, I was thrilled to take part in a video series for the National Education Association. I traveled to El Paso, Texas, got to know three local teachers and gave them each three new looks for back to school, What-Not-to-Wear style. Each woman were different ages, had different body types and different style needs. The promo for each teacher’s makeover segment can be viewed here.

Each woman was at a different points in her career as an educator. One just started teaching a couple of a years ago, one has been in teaching for almost a decade  - both in the classroom and now as a guidance counselor — and the last has been in education for 30 years and is re-entering the classroom this fall.

I had such a blast. It’s everything I love about personal styling: making those connections and showing how transformative clothing can be.

I also got to work with a stellar video crew at Sapling Pictures. We worked hard, but I learned so much about the video/tv production process. Something that looks so easy and seamless? Unless you work in that industry, you have no idea what goes into it on the backend.

Each teacher will have her own video segment, featuring her story and her makeover. Check out this short preview of what is to come on July 23, and stay tuned!



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